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FESA is an active Australian professional association collaborating in forensic technical investigations, reconstruction of accidents and failures, and research.

Established  in 2008, we work to -

  • provide a forum for education, discussion and promotion of matters of forensic engineering in order for members to be better informed

  • inform appropriate professional bodies, associations, firms and people in the community from time to time about the range of services provided by the members 

  • promote a high standard of consultancy for all relevant pertinent areas of engagement.

Last meeting:  5 April 2017

After convivial networking drinks, 36 of us had an excellent dinner at Melbourne's Auburn Hotel - with very good presentations from Robert Francis, a corrosion and coatings specialist with over 40 years’ experience, and Ian Godson of Infracorr (over 25 years in the remedial and corrosion engineering fields, and who has worked on many technically challenging repair projects in Australia and overseas).

Dr Francis' expertise is in corrosion and its mitigation, especially in the area of protective coatings for steelwork for atmospheric environments.  His experience also covers ferrous metals, technical training and quality assurance. He edited the publication “Sixty Years of Inorganic Zinc Coatings” in 1998, which was revised and expanded in 2013.  He took us through coatings, incompatibilities, treatment, effects of humidity, temperature and inadequate preparation, and the steps to take in a forensic investigation of a failed coating.

Ian Godson (below) gave illustrations of a series of investigations into concrete failure in some challenging parts of the world (from the deep Sahara to marine environments), the latest ground-radar inspection tools, and  measures to repair spalling by identifying moisture paths and applying appropriate cathodic protection (impressing the necessary electrical current to a supplementary mesh anode).

Our speakers' Powerpoint presentations are now available on this site (members only page).

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Current (2016-2017) office bearers

  Chairman: David Lake   

Secretary: Adrian Grosvenor 

Treasurer:  Ian Eilenberg   

Committee members:

  Patrick Irwin   

Mark Dohrmann  


John Lambert  

(Past chairman)

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