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Incorporated 2008 (Registered Association A0051560P) - Regd Office: 25 Imperial Ave Caulfield South VIC 3162     ABN 5897 9281 284


FESA is an active Australian professional association collaborating in forensic technical investigations, reconstruction of accidents and failures, and research.

Established  in 2008, we work to -

  • provide a forum for education, discussion and promotion of matters of forensic engineering in order for members to be better informed

  • inform appropriate professional bodies, associations, firms and people in the community from time to time about the range of services provided by the members 

  • promote a high standard of consultancy for all relevant pertinent areas of engagement.

Meeting:  21 February 2019, Melbourne

46 people attended at The Auburn Hotel.  Convivial drinks, introductions and conversations took us to the table where we heard two excellent presentations over dinner.

Don Considine spoke on moisture related flooring failures - a multi-million dollar Australian problem.  Don is an experienced carpet, floor and coverings consultant with a great breadth of knowledge.  He covered a wide range of practical material dealinfg with concrete slabs, carpet, vinyl and timber.  Test methods and the importance of testing floors (new and old) was stressed.

Dr David Morris spoke on learning from the failure of cantilever sign gantries in Victoria.  David is a consulting civil engineer active in forensic work.  Various failure exampkes underscored David's insistence that engineers do not slavishly assume that "compliance with a Code" means a satisfactory design.   Engineering judgement is essential - how does a Code apply?  Or which parts?

Don Considine:

David Morris:

Afine meal and drinks were enjoyed by all present -

George Rechnitzer moved a congratulatory motion to honor member Rafael Grziebeta, who was recently awarded a prestigious US commendation for his work in road safety.



Annual accounts:  

Here are the Association's annual accounts (2017-2018) presented at the Annual General Meeting, 18 October 2018:

Forensic Engineering - Balance Sheet.pdf      Forensic Engineering - Profit Loss.pdf

30 in attendance.  No changes in office bearers.

Meeting - October 18 2018

30 members and guests attended our AGM and enjoyed two good presentations over dinner at the Auburn Hotel, Hawthorn.

Electrical engineer Peter Hart spoke on solar panels. 


Peter covered how inverters work; how much energy is available and how much can be captured;  technical standards and the CEC, the accreditation of installers, feed-in tariffs.  Problems were outlined, and they are significant - inverter failures, isolation switch failures and panel shorting to ground.  Limits to achievable energy outputs were outlined, and an explanation of how the Tesla Powerwall and its Gateway work.  His summary points were -

  • A solar panel installation is complex electrical equipment. It needs to be checked regularly.
  • Inverters and batteries should be installed in the shade.
  • The DC isolator problem (failures common) has not been solved.
  • Roof-mounted DC isolators need to be in the shade.
  • The grid excessive voltage problem is unsolved.
  • Community battery storage / microgrids are needed in high solar uptake areas.
  • The predicted output energy from domestic solar units should be discounted because it is the domain of amateurs.

Engineer Richard Lightfoot next presented three case histories on interlocking system failures - all illustrating an evident failure by the designers to think through what users might actually do - thus, where to put the relevant sensor, when a second sensor was advisable, etc.

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Current (2017-2018) office bearers

  PresidentDavid Lake   

  Vice President: Patrick Irwin   

Secretary: Adrian Grosvenor 

Treasurer:  Ian Eilenberg   

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  Peter Hart  

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John Lambert  (Past President) 

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Please note:  opinions and advice given by speakers at FESA meetings, as well as on this website, are personal to their sources or authors, and do not represent the views of FESA Inc or its elected officebearers.

Please note:  opinions and advice given by speakers at FESA meetings, as well as on this website, are personal to their sources or authors, and do not represent the views of FESA Inc or its elected officebearers.
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