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Dr Ian Eilenberg

Buildings specialist

Forensic Building Consultant, involved in preparing expert reports on building defects for use in VCAT and court hearings, project supervision & stage certification.  Includes all building technical issues including footing/concrete/framing/linings/finishes etc. and associated repair/replacement costing.  Expert in commercial, residential and industrial situations.  Over 50 years in the construction industry, 17 years in academia and acting as an expert since 1985.  

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Patrick Irwin

Structural forensic engineer

Over 25 years experience in consulting engineering as former managing director of Design Action Consulting Engineers and associate director of Irwinconsult.   Patrick has background in building design and development, including practical building and developing.  He has long experience in projects with special difficultiesHe is a member of the Building Appeals Board, and national president of the Building Dispute practitioners' Society, Vice President and a committee member of the Forensic Engineering Society of Australia, and a member of the Association of Consulting Engineers, Structural, Victoria. Patrick has over 20 publications to his credit  and recently launched the e-book, Solutions to cracking in houses and other small buildings 

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Mark Dohrmann

Forensic engineer, ergonomist 

Engineer/ergonomist at Dohrmann Consulting - professional engineers specialising since 1981 in ergonomics, safety and expert evidence (personal injuries liability).  Trainer in safety, ergonomics and forensic investigation.  Many court attendances since 1977 Australia-wide (strains, slips and falls, vehicles, machinery, product failures).  Experienced in transport, agriculture, industrial processes, interior spaces, playgrounds, air traffic control, training, more. Colleagues: engineers Ted DohrmannBill Contoyannis, John Dimopoulos, Geoff Waddell and several Associates.  

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Dr George Rechnitzer

Vehicle accidents specialist

Safety and forensic consulting engineer (40+ years’ experience) and  Adjunct Associate Professor at the Transport and Road Safety (TARS) Research Centre at the University of New South Wales (UNSW). Specialist in  road safety, crashworthiness of all vehicle types, OH&S, crash and incident investigation, reconstruction, analysis and countermeasures for injury prevention.  Litigation support and expert reports provided in hundreds of Australian cases (including fatalities, transport and workplace accidents) since 1990. Email at George Rechnitzer & Associates 
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(Corporate members)

ATTAR’s team of experienced engineers provides independent and expert advice on materials and mechanical testing, corrosion, risk assessment and failure analysis.  Specialists in quantifying how materials and products fail, including assessment of equipment that has deteriorated due to corrosion, fatigue, damage, abuse, or improper manufacture.  Evaluation of the reliability of systems and components;  life cycle assessments;  legislative review and compliance assessments.  Recent projects include - acoustic emission monitoring for early detection, cause identification of failure analysis, expert engineering witness work, slip resistance compliance and verification, product testing and NDT training.

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FMG Engineering

(Corporate members)

FMG is a medium-sized engineering consultancy with offices in Melbourne, Adelaide, Mt Gambier and Tanunda.  Services include skilled forensic engineering investigations of materials, products, structures or components that have failed or which do not function as intended. FMG experts prepare comprehensive reports on failures and give expert evidence in court about the cause or causes.  We also prescribe remedial processes to maintain and extend the life cycle of structures or elements.  Related services include pre-purchase reports, dilapidation reports, disaster responses and building assessments.

Telephone: 1300 975 878 Site:

Melbourne-based firm of engineers working Australia-wide since 1981 in professional safety and applied ergonomics.  Experts in  personal injury claims who have completed 7000+ reports since 1977.  The team comprises seven engineers (all ergonomists) working Australia-wide.  Strain injury, safety issues, trips and falls, backs, product failures, public liability.  The firm also provides engineering-based ergonomics advice in manufacturing, transport, aviation, agriculture, office  and building design projects, and delivers training.

Telephone 03 9376 1844   email  Site: 

Adrian Grosvenor

Diesel engine expert

Adrian is a materials engineer experienced in root cause analysis, materials selection and testing. He has a background in diesel engines, gained from managing the materials laboratory of the world’s leading provider of large-bore diesel engines and turbo-machinery for marine and stationary applications, at their head office in Germany. He has performed numerous onsite investigations on sea and land around the world. He is now a member of the ATTAR team.

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Lawrence Reddaway

Fires and buildings

Lawrence has four decades of experience in investigating untoward events, and preparing reports well tailored to the end users’ needs.  His special expertise is in  fires, fire protection, building regulations in relation to fire safety, and finding solutions to best extricate parties from scenarios where regulatory deficiencies seem to exist.  He is also familiar with regulatory procedures relating to building permits etc, and provides assistance to clients in this area.  He is the author of many papers, and has served as an expert in court proceedings on several occasions.

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John Lambert

Heavy vehicles, bikes expert

John Lambert & Associates specialises in industrial, road and agricultural safety, in innovation with heavy transport vehicles, and in loading/unloading/load restraint of heavy transport vehicles. Much of the work relates to expert reports including expert witness reports in Workcover/Worksafe/Comcare matters, materials handling and load restraint, quad bikes, motorcycle incidents, friction  and stability analysis.  

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David Lake

Welding and corrosion expert

ATTAR's Managing Director, and an experienced materials engineer, David has expert skills in welding, testing and corrosion.  He is the President of FESA, a member of the (Australian Institute of Non Destructive Testing) and Materials Australia, as well as currently leading the working group for the Australian Corrosion Association's  PCPI (Petroleum and Chemical Processing Industry) Working Group.  David is on the Board of Directors of the Welding technology Institute of Australia, and he possesses many years of experience in welding technologies. 

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John Francescini

Analytical chemist

John is Manager at Sharp & Howells- Analytical and Consulting Industrial Chemists- a NATA Accredited laboratory.  His firm is experienced in all fields of chemical and materials analysis, testing and investigations

Phone 03 98509722  Email    Site  

Phone 03 98509722  Email    Site

Ian Thomas

Forensic Engineer

Ian is a chemical, environmental and risk engineer and joint Australian editor of the International Journal of Forensic Engineering (IJFE).  After 25 years in the chemical and petrochemical industries in the UK and Australia he commenced consulting here in 1990.  He works in  dangerous goods, town planning and environmental obligations, chairing the Health, Safety and Environment Group of RACI;  he is also active in the Risk Engineering Society and the Asset Management Council Inc.  Ian is a member of the Victorian Defence Alliance - Submarines and a fellow of IChemE, IEAust, RACI and SIA.  He acts as an ‘expert witness’ in planning matters and following accidents.

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Rapid Design Engineering

Rapid Design Engineering is an employee-owned company, providing engineering services in the areas of low rise housing and commercial projects. Highly skilled in the non-destructive testing of concrete. Their non-destructive testing services include identification and location of voids, honeycombing, delamination and the depth, width and length of elements with single sided access. Rapid’ can also identify and locate metallic and non-metallic services, pipes, reinforcement and post tensioning ducts.  Rapid also provide consulting, structural design and geotechnical investigations, and reports.

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Australian Waterproofing Consultants

AWC is a team of experienced technical consultants who have an extensive knowledge base of the waterproofing Industry.  They have  30 years of capability with experience with a wide range of building products and processes used in the protection of building structures.  Waterproofing problems are an ongoing and costly dilemma if left untreated.  Waterproofing defects are one of the largest costs to the building owner and industry in relation to post construction defects.  Contact FESA member Karl Wootton on 0484 315804, or   Website here.

Gary Farrow

Structural engineer

Associate Director and Head of Structures at engineering consulting firm, AMOG Consulting, Gary Farrow has over 22 years of experience in the marine, offshore, automotive, aerospace, and defence industries. His experience spans; design and validation of steel structures and components, forensic failure investigations and expert witness work, with a technical focus on strength, buckling and fatigue of large steel structures through to smaller mechanical components. Gary has conducted a number of structural integrity forensic failure investigations, authored expert reports in a number of legal disputes, and acted as expert witness in a public inquiry into the collapse of a bridge structure and on a case involving the collapse of a large iron ore material handling structure 0423 192514,  Website

Tia Gaffney

Principal Forensic Engineer

Tia Gaffney, Principal Forensic Engineer with HINDSIGHT Forensic Engineering, has over 16 years' experience in transportation safety, vehicle crashworthiness, occupational health & safety, public liability, accident / incident investigation and mitigation for injury prevention. Ms Gaffney’s tenure at the world’s leading forensic engineering facilities involved extensive analysis, instrumented testing and research related to severe vehicle collisions, pedestrian injury and workplace incidents. Ms Gaffney has testified in Courts throughout Australia (Supreme, State, Magistrates, VCAT, Appeals, Coronial & Criminal).  Ms Gaffneys work has been published extensively in respected, peer-reviewed forums.  She has also co-authored Expert Evidence chapters on Collision Reconstruction and Industrial (Workplace) Incident Investigation. 0415984519,, Website:

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