• 08 Aug 2019 2:33 PM | Anonymous

    This fascinating podcast put unintended acceleration to the test and examines how to handle a runaway vehicle. 

    Podcast “Blame Game” looks under the hood at one of the strangest public hysterias in recent memory. What really happened in all those Camrys and Lexuses? And how did so many drivers come to misunderstand so profoundly what was happening to them behind the wheel? The answer touches on our increasingly fraught relationship to technology and the dishonesty and naiveté of many in the media. 

  • 08 Aug 2019 2:26 PM | Anonymous

    Aviation experts at a laboratory in France continue to examine the piece of debris from Malaysia Airlines flight 370 that washed up on the shores of Reunion Island in the western part of the Indian Ocean. The investigation involves searching for clues with the naked eye — and under powerful microscopes. VOA's Carolyn Presutti visited a forensic laboratory in the U.S. to show how it's done.

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  • 08 Aug 2019 2:24 PM | Anonymous

    The Forensic Engineering Unit is an elite team of engineers charged with assessing the structural stability of buildings during major emergencies and overseeing the repairs of these structures. The video is narrated by the Unit's Executive Director, Timothy Lynch, P.E. Executive Producer: Samantha Modell

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  • 08 Aug 2019 2:22 PM | Anonymous

    British girl Hollie Raper has been awarded $12m as a result of catastrophic injuries in a quad bike rollover on King Island.   Hollie was working on a farm on a travelling holiday.  Details here.  One of our experienced FESA members prepared a detailed report on the accident and liability.  Victorian barrister Ross Ray died recently as a result of an accident on a quad bike on his farm at Mansfield.  Details here.  Sadly, Ross had represented manufacturers in opposing compulsory roll-over bars for quad bikes.

  • 04 Jul 2019 2:23 PM | Anonymous

    Planning is under way to provide more ways of sharing and collaborating in different parts of the country.  This new website will offer member-only access to videoed presentations by speakers.   We are also looking to gauge interest in a technical/social meeting in Sydney, on a theme of interest to local members. Interested?  Email us!

  • 05 Jun 2019 2:51 PM | Anonymous

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