July Zoom meeting - Kelvin Genn on AI

  • 25 Jul 2024
  • 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM

FESA member Kelvin Genn will explain AI (Artificial Intelligence) 

and how you can use it in forensic enquiries.

This is a must-attend meeting, to learn how to use this exploding new technology in your daily work.  

Try out AI before the meeting, if it’s new to you.  Go to ChatGPT.com and ask it anything, Eg “write me an essay on XYZ”, or “How do I fix …” etc.  it will amaze you.

Here is Kelvin's synopsis of his presentation:

AI - An Essential Tool for Expert Inquiry

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly transforming the way experts conduct inquiry and research. This presentation will explore the various ways AI can be leveraged as an essential tool to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of expert inquiry across diverse domains.

Key topics covered will include:

      Analysing Unstructured Data: Demonstrating how AI-powered tools can analyse large volumes of unstructured data, such as journal articles, interview transcripts, videos, and images, to extract valuable insights and patterns that might be missed by manual analysis.

      Intelligent Information Retrieval: Showcasing how AI can be used to identify relevant reference sources and background information, saving researchers valuable time and ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the knowledge landscape for any given line of inquiry.

      Knowledge State Assessment: Discussing how AI can analyse existing knowledge bases to assess the current state of understanding in a particular field, helping experts identify gaps, inconsistencies, and potential areas for further research.

      Enhancing Collaboration and Communication: Exploring how AI-powered platforms can facilitate collaboration among experts, enabling seamless sharing of insights, data, and findings, and promoting interdisciplinary research.

By highlighting practical examples and use cases, this presentation will demonstrate the transformative potential of AI in empowering experts to conduct more comprehensive, efficient, and impactful inquiry across a wide range of disciplines.

Zoom meeting:  join on this link for a 5:30 pm EST start on Thursday July 25:


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